With 25 years of experience in the field of security services, T & T Security provides security services such as CCTV, integrated security systems, access control systems, fire alarms, burglar alarm, fire protection system and especially alarm monitoring services.

We are pleased to introduce to you our alarm monitoring services. Established and developed after more than 10 years, alarm monitoring services are always researched and developed to meet security needs in the present situation, bring the best benefits to customers and minimize risk.

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Fire and theft are two of the potential dangers, causing a lot of damage to property and people. With T & T's alarm monitoring services, you do not have to worry about your business or property because we protect you 24/7. Furthermore, in emergency or danger events, the T & T Alarm Team, Police 113, Local Police, Fire Fighting Police will immediately assist.

At present, the theft in ATM is becoming more and more common and increasingly sophisticated, causing banks to suffer losses and directly affect the business of the bank. Therefore, T & T's alarm monitoring service is an optimal solution to help your bank avoid potential risks.

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You can achieve efficiency in business management when you save the cost of running a business when using our services.

Unit: VND
  T&T Others Difference
Cost per month 500.000 3.600.000(*) 3.100.000
Cost per year 6.000.000 43.200.000 37.200.000
Insurance None  
(*): Cost for 8 working hours (from 23h-7h)


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