Alarm Monitoring Service is the innovative protective model of TNT Security which was first researched and put into use in Vietnam since 2000, operating on the principle of combining creativity among devices, modern alarms and timely response of rapid response forces to detect and prevent the risk of theft, break-in or fire and provide timely assistance when required.


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  • Companies, stores, assets, people are protected by TNT in 24/24
  • Actively prevent the risk of fire, illegal entry or theft and minimize damage.
  • You are supported by TNT Alarm Monitoring Central, 113, police, fire fighter …
  • The elder and children will be secured at home by TNT, and our team will come immediately to assist when receiving the alarm.
  • You can leave home for a long time, you don’t have to worry about the safety of your home, office and property.
  • You are always safe in order to take your time for your business, family and society.

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In fact, for many reasons there may be potential damages to the customer from negligent conduct, errors or omissions in the performance of the work or during operation of the system in any events.

Being aware of such situations, we signed a contract with Bao Minh Sai Gon Company to provide professional liability insurance for the Alarm Monitoring Service to ensure the benefits of our customers with the total compensation value up to 20 billion. Depending on the circumstances, our Customer Alert Service will be compensated for any damage caused by technical reasons, errors or carelessness of our employees during the performance of our Services.
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